Simply Automatic Pet Feeder

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  • Not Recommended for Disc shape or Prescription style kibble
  • Simplistic Program automatically dispenses 1by4 1by2 3by4 1 and 2 cups of dry food Cup Adjuster must be set before operation
  • Please see machine test functions and notes for maximum kibble size
  • Clear and re set functions by turning machine off then on again
  • Check container to ascertain that oversize kibble or pet treats were not used with this product If so dislodge item and perform test for machine performance Check container to ascertain that oversize kibbles or pet treats were not used A stuck kibble may not be visible since the kibble could be between the impeller and the Cup Size Adjuster To ensure that the dispensing chute is free and clear you will first need to empty the hopper of its contents and raise the Cup Size Adjuster located on the hoppers wall adjacent to the impeller to the highest position Next test the feeder by pressing and holding the Forward button for five seconds to see if the impeller rotates Once the impeller rotates release the Forward button Rinse the impeller to remove sticky residue that may have accumulated and clean the area where the impeller is installed Kibbles can fuse together if food is stored in the hopper and the feeder is not used frequently If fusion occurs kibbles will block the chute causing a malfunction Please be sure to remove kibbles from the feeder if the feeder is used occasionally Check batteries to ensure that they are fresh properly installed and in the correct sequence Check the impeller by turning it in a counter-clockwise direction to ensure that it is secured


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